Our territory

The territory is located near the town of Acqui Terme, in the Southern Piedmont and is a highlight of the viticulture of Piedmont.
The landscape is characterized by vineyards as far as the eye can see, in every direction, with an unusual diversification in terms of variety and cultivation method.
These characteristics contribute, especially in autumn when the harvest of the grapes is over, to create a mosaic of colors wonderful and unique.
The mild climate and rich soil make our hills the ideal place to cultivate historical vines such as Barbera and Dolcetto and such as Moscato and Brachetto that are both aromatic grape that over the years have become flagship products of Piedmont.
The production area is in particular in the villages of:

with about 680 people, most of whom did of viticulture its mission. In this small country, we produce excellent wine grapes and here we have more than 1,300 hectares of vineyards.
Ricaldone is also the country of origin of the singer Luigi Tenco with a museum dedicated to him.
Ricaldone è anche il paese di origine del cantautore Luigi Tenco con un Museo a lui dedicato.

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with more than three thousand people until a few years ago had the distinction of largest area planted with vines. In the upper part of the village you can admire a rich heritage of historical buildings like the complex of San Francesco dates back to the Middle Ages.

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really famous for Moscato that comes from its hills and in particular for Passito, produced in the Bagnario Valley that connect Strevi to Ricaldone.

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Acqui Terme

is the fulcrum around which develops the economy of surrounding countries.
City of reference for its famous thermal baths, the hot spring the "Bollente", the Cathedral, the Roman Arches and a lot of other archaeological finds is very friendly tourist destination, all to visit with its typical restaurant of the historic center "the Pisterna " where you can appreciate the typical cuisine and wine from Piemonte.

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