Our Company:

We are in the Alto Monferrato Acquese area, a place particularly suited to grow excellent grapes. The vineyards are distributed in the villages of Ricaldone , Cassine and Strevi.
The hills compose all the landscape, where an extraordinary puzzle of vineyards planted in every direction, sometimes in round - hill , sometimes ritocchino style (from the top to the bottom of the hill) ,form a unique panorama.


Since more than five generations our family grows grape from its vineyards and it is also thanks to the experience , passion and affection handed down to us, if today the extension is increased to 50 acres all planted with vines.


The winery was founded in 1994 by Pier Luigi Botto; it is situated on the top of the village of Cassine , in the Convent where in the eighteenth century resided the community of Capuchin friars which already produced wine. The building is typical in bricks and stones, enclosed in the wall that runs along the scenic route which connect the upper zone of Cassine with the near town of Ricaldone . The property has been handed down familiarly thanks to " Don Giovanni Benzi " that always,carefull to the family choices, encouraged everyone to continue the traditions of wine and vineyard .

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